Early Care & Education

Workforce Pathways LA

Based on the legacy of the Investing in Early Educators Stipend Program (AB 212), Workforce Pathways LA is a comprehensive workforce development model that works in partnership with Quality Start Los Angeles (QSLA), the County-wide quality improvement consortium. Workforce Pathways LA supports participants along the career lattice with a focus on three areas: licensing/health and safety; stipend program; and workforce systems improvement.  The Workforce Pathways LA Stipend Program increases the skills, competencies and the abilities of early educators, increases the number of ECE professionals with Child Development Permits, and increases the number of professionals with degrees in early childhood. It serves as a support mechanism for early educators to create professional development plans, receive advisement, and be awarded a financial incentive for completing a milestone in professional development, college coursework, Child Development Permits, or college degrees.

Workforce Pathways LA is funded through a partnership with the California Department of Education, California Department of Social Services, and First 5 California.

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